Someone wrote in [community profile] moviescriptending 2009-10-21 09:42 am (UTC)

oh. oh! okay, im gonna try this... let me see...


"OCD bus," Patrick muttered. "You know, I'm not even OCD. Andy's OCD, I'm not the one that stabbed you with a fork because you tore out pages of his comics to make origami."

From across the room Andy narrowed his eyes at Joe, and for a second he could swear he felt his fork scar throbbing.

"I don't know," Joe said slowly, "you're picky about your shoes and hats."

"He stabbed you. In the hand."

"You knocked me out with my bass!" Pete yelled from inside his bunk.

"They were new shoes!"

"They were not!"

"Well... they were nice!"

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