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"What are you idiots talking about?" Mark greeted as he barged onto the bus, Tom following closely behind.

"Hey, what do you think makes someone OCD?" Patrick asked, stepping into the kitchen area.

Tom frowned. "Like, on a scale or something?"

Patrick shook his head. "No, like--"

"Because what's on the scale?" Tom cut him off. "Like, on a tidy level, or when a dude has to wash his balls exactly twenty-four times a day?"

"Why twenty-four?" Marks asked as he tried to squeeze between Joe and Pete, then just settled for sitting on Joe.

"Because it's an even number." Tom shrugged, shoving a frozen pizza at Patrick. "Heat this."

"Well, this is enlightening," Joe said, then, "Your ass is on my hand."

"Yeah," Mark said, uncaring, and leaned back on Joe's face.

"I should tweet about this," Pete remarked.

"Already did," Andy said, smirking.


i have no idea how blink got in this thing o.O oh and hey crack!anon!

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