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Post #22.

Life fails right now, sorry /o\

This week's theme is 12 days of Christmas, because yay Christmas!

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Pete/Patrick snowball fight

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Patrick hated being woken up early in the morning so he felt justified when his foot kicked out and hit something -or someone it sounded more like- hard. He grumbled a few incoherent words then attempted to reach for his glasses.

"Patrick! Hey Patrick! GET UP!" He recognized Pete's voice shouting at him. He sounded too happy and all Patrick wanted to do at that moment was knock his silly, too-big grin off his face.

"Pete? What. The. Fuck?" Patrick attempted to growl out. He sorta chocked on his words when Pete had climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. Which wasn't helping him at all, because, hello? Morning wood. And pete just happen to sit his little, holly-jolly ass right across his hips. If he was to sit back just a little Patrick was sure to be deeply mortified.

"It's snowing, Patrick! Snowing!" Pete bounced just a bit when he said 'snowing'. Honestly, Patrick wasn't awake enough to deal with Pete's annoying, although sometimes cute, childish ways right now.

"Pete, it snows every year."

"Yeah, but this is our first snow day in our new house!" Pete was way to damn excited right now.

"Dude, it's my house you just show up and spend the night all the time." Patrick stated as he finally slipped his glasses on his face. He looked Pete over, because well it's Pete. And Patrick can't help himself when it comes to Pete.

"Same difference. Get up and get dressed. I've already called up Joe , Andy, Christine, and Jenn. You're my date today." Pete declared proudly. he then climbed off Patrick and skipped happily out of the room. The only part that registered in Patrick's mind was; 'You're my date today.' He got out of bed and dressed himself in warm clothes for the day.

Patrick felt the cold before he felt the sting. He then heard Joe's deep laugh, Andy's snicker, and Pete's horse-like laughter, ringing out through the park.

"Pete, you're an ass." Patrick called over his shoulder as he tied up his shoes. He was tired of busting his ass on the ice, so they all decided on going to get something to eat.

"Stop talking about my ass. I know you love it but damn." Pete laughed out. He packed up another snowball and tossed it at Patrick, this time hitting him in the back. This was the cute side of Pete's childish ways. The side that Patrick couldn't help but smile at, feeling his heart melt just a little.

Patrick pretended to continue tying his shoe as he packed a snowball. He stood up and quickly chucked it at Pete, hitting him in the chest. Everyone joined in on Patrick's laughter. Pete stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights. His jaw was almost on the ground, which just caused Patrick to laugh harder.

Within seconds Patrick was on his back in the soft snow with a small bundle of Pete curled up on him.

"How could you Patrick? It breaks my heart to know that you would, oh so coldly, throw a snowball at your date." Pete sat up, straddling Patrick's hips.

"Who said we were on a date?" Patrick asked ignoring the the little shots of electricity shooting down his spine and to his groin. "And you threw one at me first asshole." He attempted to push Pete off of him, really he did but Pete kind of, maybe pinned him down. And Patrick kind of, maybe, really like it. He held back a groan as Pete rocked his hips back a little.

Pete's mock-hurt expression was quickly replaced with a smug look as he felt what Patrick tried to hide. "That does."

"Guys, we're going on ahead. Jenn and Christine are hungry." Joe yelled out from where they were about thirty-feet away. Patrick was going to yell out an 'okay' but it came out a strangled groan as Pete rocked back again, applying more pressure this time.

Pete leaned down to nuzzle into Patrick's neck. "I'm going to throw snowballs at you more often." He chuckled under his breath against his neck.

"That's totally not the reason." Patrick sputtered as Pete ran his tongue over his pulse, which had increased in the last five minutes.

Pete pulled out his phone and dialed someones number quickly. "Hey, yeah, no, we're not going to be there. Patrick's giving me an early Christmas present. Yes, Joe, I'll remember." Pete pressed the end button and stood up, holding his hand out for Patrick to take. As soon as Patrick was standing he quickly wrapped his arms around his waist. Pete grinned at him then quickly leaned in pressing their lips together.

Patrick was just a little shocked. Okay, he was really shocked. But still he kissed back, and pushed his tongue into Pete's mouth causing a noise from the back of Pete's throat to go from his ears, straight down spine and to his groin.

Pete pulled away first, his lips red and swollen. "Take me home and give me my present Santa."

"Naughty boys don't get presents." Patrick whispered against Pete's lips. he caught his bottom lip between his lips and tugged softly.

"You haven't fucking seen naughty Patrick." Pete growled as he pulled away from Patrick. He laced their fingers together and began walking back to their car at a quick pace. This year, Patrick's Christmas was going to be good. Really, really good.

Re: Pete/Patrick snowball fight

(Anonymous) 2010-01-12 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
Eh, it wasn't supposed to be that long and there's only a little bit of your prompt.
But it kinda works maybe, hopefully


(Anonymous) 2010-01-20 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ ... You get the picture!

And it totally works because it's amazing and hot and my mind is oh-so-helpfully filling in the blanks on what they do after. ^_^

Re: dude, that is EXACTLY how all of their snowball fights end in my brain now

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Haha it's okay,

I didn't even have a title for it anyway
Which btw I do now
'Naughty Boys Don't Get Presents.'