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Who are you and what do you think you're doing?
Take my advice, we are bad news!!! But no, seriously. We are [community profile] moviescriptending, the mods that maintain it ([personal profile] completemachine, [personal profile] allmadhere, and yours truly), people who write, people who prompt that writing, and hey, people who do both and then some! We are also fond of exclamation points, apologies in advance.

This community was made to keep with the awesome tradition that has been held throughout fandoms and servers, to have a place where someone can ask for a fic anonymously and then because anonymous delivers, some kind soul will write it. All fic here will have at least one member of bandom, but from there you have free reign.

If fanfiction makes you squeamish, or if you are the one being written about (we're looking at you, Pete) please make use of the 'back button'.

OMG DID _____ REALLY DO THAT?!?!?eleven!
For the record, anything written about in this journal is not the property of the moderators but of the (sometimes) anonymous authors, and is fiction. Do not sue us, we're using our puppy dog eyes.

What's allowed here?
Slash, het, gen, erotic poetry, doodles, you name it.

From G to NC-17. We're trusting you guys to read what you're comfortable with and follow the 'rules' in your residing state/country/planet, blah blah blah. Since there is the possibility of things ending up being NSFW, use common sense while browsing.

Why DreamWidth?
It's new and shiny! No, seriously, we understand that while some people 'migrated' to DW, the majority of bandom remains at LJ. But since there are people here, and that DW is lovely and has longer comment limits, we decided why not?

How's this place organized?!
Good question! We will have new posts weekly on Mondays for organizations sake, and every other post will themed.

All completed fic will be updated on both this post, as well as our Archive (now with tags!).

I want to write a fic, is there anything I need to know?
Just go for it! As the mods, we simply ask for you to title your fics in the subject line so we won't miss it when we archive, and so it's easier to go back and find a fic. If you want you can include the rating, pairing, whatever in the subject line as well. If there's multiple parts, please label them as so.

We'd prefer for you to be anonymous, but you can totally write fic and comment logged in if you really really have to. If you want to 'claim' a fic, please please please follow through. It's no fun for anyone when someone gets their hopes up and what they wanted doesn't end up getting written. More than one person can write for one prompt, even though we'd prefer for you to fulfill something that hasn't been written for yet.

If you've written something for us, you're free to do whatever you want with it afterward. Repost it, crosspost it, continue it, because it's yours. If you feel so inclined to link back to the community, we'd be more than stoqued.

Help! I made a comment and I want it deleted.
Notify us at Page-A-Mod! However keep in mind that if you want a comment deleted, you should link to that certain comment when you tell us, and for our sake please log-in when doing so. You can use Open ID if you only have a LJ or your DW account, but this is just so we can have a name to attach to that comment, and that we won't be deleting comments willy-nilly at the requests of other anon comments.

Ew! That kink is so wrong!
We do not judge kinks here. We will be highly tolerable of almost anything, but in the rare occasion that we see something that we do not feel belongs here the mods will use their digression on the matter.

My question wasn't answered here :'(
My bad. Go ahead and ask it at Page-A-Mod, please, and one of the mods will get back to you ASAP. All comments to that entry are screened for your pleasure.