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Post #4.

less than three (pete/joe/patrick, r, vandays)
"fuck you, doctor wentz" (pete/patrick, science au)

Whoa, okay, little late there but it's fine. Distractions, distractions~

Oh yeah, just to clarify that if you guys want to write something for a prompt or theme in a previous post, that's totally fine. You can either post it in a comment here linking back to the theme/prompt and I'll add it to this weeks list, or you can comment in that original post. Me or one of the mods will catch it either way, so no worries ♥

Okay, now this week's theme is going to be Fairytale/Fantasy real world or AU, so think big! Think Disney Princesses, like Sleeping Beauty Patrick, think old folktales, myths or legends, all of bandom as fairies, all of bandom as trolls, think of most anything you like! Just think outside the box.

Anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off. Aaand go!

ETA: And, yeah, fantasy can encompass vampires, zombies, ghosts yeah. I forgot to add that because I'm a loser, sorry /o\

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