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something called 'like', spencer/ryan, PG-13.

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Spencer’s pretty sure that Ryan didn’t take him seriously at first.

He doesn’t blame him, though. The thought that they’re actually going out on a date doesn’t sink in until they’re at a stoplight and Spencer looks over at Ryan, who’s wearing one of the shirts that he knows he looks good in, and smiles softly. Ryan smiles back and it wasn’t more than three seconds but it was enough to make Spencer’s stomach hurt before he goes back to keeping his eyes on the road, and tries to not be nervous.

It really isn’t all that different from what they do almost every weekend. They hang out with each other the most, but there’s always Jon, Brendon, Shane, and a handful of other people that are included in the couple of days that they have to themselves before school starts again on Monday. Spencer thinks that it really shouldn’t feel all that different, either. They’re going to grab a pizza before going to a movie, it’s par for the course when it comes to being best friends. But the thought that, even though Ryan didn’t take him seriously, it is a date is probably the most exciting part of it.

Spencer doesn’t really smile unless he means it, and for some reason he can’t stop right now and his face hurts, but it’s okay.

“Hey, so. I ordered mushroom and Italian sausage from Bertucci's?” Spencer says while lowering the volume on the radio. He drums his fingers against the steering wheel as he drives, notices that Ryan just nods once before looking out the window, his hands fidgeting, too.

Brendon had actually laughed when Spencer asked Ryan out. He’d planned it so they’d be alone when he finally worked the courage up to spit it out—it isn’t every day you ask your best friend if they want to maybe be more than that, even if it was just a date and maybe wouldn’t be anything else.

For whatever reason, though, Spencer decided to ask Ryan while they were waiting in his crappy car for Brendon and Shane. Technically alone, but not as private or romantic as anything Spencer had pictured. A simple, ‘We should go out, on a date,’ in between staticy and unremarkable songs, but it was enough.

Ryan said yes the second that Brendon jumped into the car, Shane trailing behind him.

“Yes to what?” he’d asked, before leaning to the front seat and changing the radio station.

Ryan had tilted his head before saying, “Spencer and I are going on a date,” a hint of a smile on his face.

And Brendon laughed before Shane shut him up, saying that it was cool before sitting on top of Brendon and ignoring all state seatbelt laws.

Spencer didn’t really think twice about it before it actually happened. He’d never been on an actual date before, not including that awkward time he asked Haley to a dance where he stepped on her toes.

But now he’s standing at a pizza place waiting for their food and Ryan reaches out for his hand—something that isn’t enough to catch the attention of anyone else in the dark restaurant and it’s just for him. He feels awkward and amazing at the same time, feels his face get warmer when Ryan leans next to him, and says, “This place has my favorite pizza,” softly in his ear.

They actually eat it while driving—it isn’t the most ideal way to spend your first date, in someone’s car with extra napkins and to-go drinks, but it feels nice enough. It made more sense, anyway, since they need to make it to the drive-in movies before the first show starts and the pizza would be too cold by then. Ryan takes the liberty of saving all of Spencer’s uneaten crusts before throwing them out the window, a defiant look in his eye because he insists that it’s not litter if it’s biodegradable.

After finding a good parking spot and they’re only ten minutes late. They waste more time setting up Spencer’s car with a blanket on the hood so they can both lie down on there instead of sitting inside. The sound isn’t all that good, but they make up for it by talking through most of the first movie, sitting closely than they probably would’ve had this been any other weekend.

Spencer doesn’t remember when he falls asleep, but he wakes up with his head on Ryan’s shoulder, hearing, “This was nice, Sleeping Beauty. We should do it again sometime.” before they kiss.

The stars aren’t out that night but it doesn’t really matter to Spencer. He’s happier than he thinks he should be, and Ryan seems pretty content, too.

Re: something called 'like', spencer/ryan, PG-13.

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OMG I CAN'T EVEN <3______<3

this was so cute and awkward and ridiculously perfect and i love you, stranger I've never met in my life ♥ thank you!