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Post #2.

something called 'like' (Spencer/Ryan, PG-13, spencer and ryan go on a date!)
baby you may turn the corner yet (Spencer/Pete, PG, something hot, something sweet)

This week's theme will be real world AUs, in the sense that as long as the band is not how it is in real life, and it's able to happen in real life, you're good to go. All girl Panic, still a band? Check! Jon and Tomrad owning a coffee shop? Yep. Gabe and William as secret agents and Pete as an evil mastermind? Go for it. MCR on Warped? No. But with Patrick as the drummer instead of Bob? Totally.

Anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off. Play nicely. ♥

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I will probably come back to this with a tidbit of my own when I've got better time for it tonight, but right now I would like to read something a little silly:

A Wild Wild West-type AU. Gun-slingin', cattle-rustlin', and hero 'warship' when the Way brothers and their crew roll into town.

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I continue in my quest! Also, lab coats, glasses, Dance Dance hair? All appreciated in this here AU.

Science AU: Pete discovers a new disease/cure/thing and gives it an amazing and creative name (also long and/or abbreviated) but no one can figure out what it's for because it's not blatant and doesn't involve number. Patrick helps translate from Pete to science to English.

Cute, fluffy, and all around sillytimes. No smut needed. Unless you feel the need to put in some lab sex...

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I really just want some Domestic Pete/Patrick

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idk why I made that a capital D

Remember That Pete/Patrick G

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Pete woke up when he felt the bed shift beside him. He could hear Chicago crying in the other room, high pitched and angry.

"Patrick?" He rolled over, forcing one eye open against the glare of the hall light.

"It's my turn, go back to sleep," Patrick whispered as he shuffled towards the door, ratty slippers making a rasping noise against the hardwood floor.

"Too late," Pete sighed, pushing the blankets away. "I'll come too."

Chicago was standing up in her crib, chubby little fists gripped tight around the bars, face red and scrunchy. She had strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Pete swore up and down she really was Patrick's. They'd been trying to adopt for over a year with no luck when Pete got the call. A stuffy sounding guy with a bit of a lisp told him, 'Mr. Wentz? This is Richard Smithson with Child Services, could you and Mr. Stump come down to the office, we have some good news.' It's was the third best day of his life. First and second being When Patrick Said Yes, and the first time they put Chicago in his arms, in no particular order.

"Hey little girl," Pete murmured, "what's wrong? Hmm?" She reached up and tugged hard on Pete's t-shirt.

"Da! Da Pee!"

Patrick snorted a little, "I still can't get over that."

"It's not funny," Pete retorted, scooping her out of the crib. "At least she doesn't call me 'Da Peetick.'"

"It is funny. She calls you Pee."

"Okay, Peestick," Pete grinned.

"Da Peetick!" Chicago exclaimed, arms stretching towards her dad.

"Never call me that again," Patrick said seriously and accepted Chicago from Pete, tucking her up under his chin. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed happily. Pete came up behind him and rested his chin on Patrick's shoulder near Chicago's head.

"I love you, little city girl."

"Da Pee," Chicago said sleepily. Pete wrapped one arm around Patrick's waist and brought the other hand up to brush as strand of hair away from Chicago's forehead.

"She misses you when you're gone," Patrick whispered, "we both do."

"I miss you guys, too." Pete's voice was tight as he pressed his nose to the curve of Patrick's neck.

"Hey, it's okay. We talked about this way before we got Chi, you have things you have to do, that doesn't make you a bad dad."

Pete nodded into Patrick's shirt.

"Ting," Chicago demanded, suddenly awake again. "Ting, Da." Patrick hummed a little before starting in on Lullabye, voice scratchy from sleep.

honey is for bees silly bear
besides there's jelly beans everywhere
it's not what it seems in the land of dreams
don't worry your head just go to sleep

it doesn't matter how you feel
life is just a ferris wheel
it's always up and down
don't make a sound

when you wake up the world will come around
when you wake up the world will come around

it's just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers
in the morning it will all be better
it's not what it seems in the land of dreams
don't worry your head just go to sleep

when you wake up the world will come around
when you wake up the world will come around

honey is for bees silly bear
besides there's jelly beans everywhere
it's not what it seems in the land of dreams
don't worry your head just go to sleep

Chicago had drifted off during the second verse, one hand in Patrick's hair, the other wrapped around Pete's finger.

"How'd I get so lucky?" Pete whispered. "First you then her, I don't deserve any of it."

"You do," Patrick insisted. "Sometimes you're an ass but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy, remember that."

"I love you," Pete answered, "remember that."

"I love you too, always and forever Peterpanda."


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oh man oh man oh man I am going to spontaniously combust with joy!

baby! lullaby! daddy pee! so much love for this, thank you so, so much for writing it!

Re: Remember That Pete/Patrick G

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This is adorable, I love everything about it. gah. ♥

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With Gabe as the guy and maybe Pete or Patrick or William as the employee. Or all of them as employees. I want hilarity and silliness to ensue.

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Well, I kinda have this playing out in my head right now, so I'll probably write it... I'll get back to you once it's done :D

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OMFGYAY! I can't wait it!

kiss my (sass) snake, gabe/william, g

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idk if you're okay with me adding slash in this, but... I'm a slashy kinda gal, so *shrugs* hope you like, anyway

"Now, what would we like to see?" Gabe intones, tapping his chin as he ponders over his list of options.

He feels eyes on him and glances to his right, finds a young couple staring at him. "Hey, how ya doin'?" He greets politely, and the pair glance down to where the bulge in his pants is moving restlessly under the material.

Gabe wiggles his eyebrows flirtatiously at the girl. "Impressive, huh?"

The couple walk away very quickly. Gabe shrugs.

The line moves up and he’s at the front of the queue. He heads over to the ticket desk where a thin, pretty girl with a big smile and big, earthy colored hair greets him.

"Hey, so what do you wanna see?" The pretty, willowy girl asks. In a dude’s voice.

"Whoa, wait, what?" Gabe blinks.

"Wh-what?" The not-a-chick - William, his name tag says – repeats, confused.

"You," Gabe says, and points at not-a-chick William, "not a chick?"

William's eyes dart around. "No," he says slowly.

Gabe leans back, takes this in. "Huh, weird," he says simply.

"Okay?" William looks at Gabe warily. "So..."


"Umm," William glances meaningfully at the line of people waiting, "movie ticket?"

"Oh! Uh, yeah, one ticket for Star Trek, please," Gabe says and starts fishing through his pocket.

"Okay, that's-- what the fuck?" William's eyes widen at Gabe's crotch.

At that moment, a snake head pops out of the top of Gabe's jeans, it hisses.

"Oh, hey there, little buddy!" Gabe grins down at it.

"I-is that a snake!?" William shrieks, and hey, maybe he is actually a girl.

"Best snake in the entire world!" Gabe reaches down and the snake starts sliding up his arm. "Who's a good snake," he coos.

William's eyes are wide and alarmed as he says, "Look man, you can't have this snake in here."

"But Cobra's family," Gabe pouts.

"That's not a cobra," William points out, taking a short break from freak-out mode.

"Nope, Cobra's his name," Gabe tells him happily, the snake slides up over his shoulder, curling around the back of his neck. Some people behind him scream and gasp, scampering away from the scene. "See, now that? That would've been worse if I had an actual cobra."

"Right," William says, "look, dude, you can't be here with that thing, no... no animals allowed." Sure, he tries to sound firm and in charge, but William wasn't exactly trained to deal with this type of situation.

"Aww, come on, me and Cobra won't do nothin', we'll be good, I promise." Gabe gives puppy eyes, the snake hisses.

William is stuck. Because he so does not know what to do right now. And this snake guy is creepy. And stupid Pete and stupid Patrick both just had to call in sick on the same day when William knows, just knows that they're probably off somewhere not sick, fucking like—

The snake slides over William's hand. He doesn’t completely get that for a moment. But when he does, he screams. Of course.

"Oh my god!" He snatches his hand away. Stupid creepy snake guy!

"See? He likes you." Gabe reaches down and takes the snake off the desk, smiling sweetly. But it's not convincing enough to be confused for innocence.

"Oh, my god," William gasps, because snake.

"And I think I like you, too." Gabe smirks.

William tries to ignore that, because. That's just not helping things.

He tries to calm himself down, even out his breathing before he tries to speak. It helps, a little. "Jesus, okay no, dude? I just can't... I mean, even if I wanted to... I... snake?"

Gabe stares at him. "...So what you're saying is, me and Cobra can watch the movie?"

"It- I... no snake!" He yells a bit loudly. William's still pretty flustered- he blames it on that instead of on how he just noticed that Creepy Snake Guy is actually kind of hot.

"Huh," Gabe frowns.

William instantly feels bad, even though he really shouldn't. "Look, dude—"


"What?" William blinks at him.

"Gabe's the name, baby," Gabe smiles.

"Gabe," William says, "Look, I--"

"Can I have your number?"

"What?" He says, derailed again.

"Your number? Digits? I mean, email's cool too," Gabe says, staring appraisingly at William.

"I," William says smartly, "why?"

Gabe grins, "'Cause, Cobra likes you," he pauses and leans in close, elbows on the table, "and like I said, I like you, too."

Distantly, William hears someone scream "OH MY GOD A SNAKE!" but he's kind of distracted right now, so.


Later, when his shift is finished and he's headed home, he only vaguely remembers giving Gabe his number (compared to the rest of today's events, it's not a wonder that it slipped his mind), so when he gets a call, he's actually kind of surprised by the voice at the other end.

"Hey." Gabe says casually, like they didn't just meet today.

"Oh, hey."

"So, like, I was thinking maybe we should do something."

"Oh, yeah?" William feels stupid for feeling excited, hell, he feels stupid for giving the guy his number. Though, not enough to regret it.

"Yeah, so I was thinking, you wanna catch a movie?"


you asked for silliness? :D

Re: kiss my (sass) snake, gabe/william, g

(Anonymous) 2009-06-14 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I love you. This was exactly what I wanted. I am a happy bunny (cobra?) right now. &hearts

(Anonymous) 2009-06-09 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
FOB/Panic centric fic where they work at an amusement park, maybe Sea World? :D Brendon can work at the smoothie kiosk and listen to Ryan bitch about someone puking on him after riding his roller coaster and Patrick can be a ~dolphin~ expert and Pete can be the creepy dude that goes every single day to see Patrick. Joe can smoke up with Spencer and Jon behind the penguin exhibit, too.

(Anonymous) 2009-06-09 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Pete/Patrick, pre-FOB where Patrick's actually a girl but crossdresses as a dude. PLEASE? Bonus points if it's angsty.

(Anonymous) 2009-06-13 03:47 pm (UTC)(link)
working on this! it might be past the deadline since it's long and i need to get it beta'd. ♥

(Anonymous) 2009-06-15 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
:D you are awesome, thanks!

(Anonymous) 2009-06-10 06:59 pm (UTC)(link)

Patrick works at a diner where Pete comes to eat often and constantly hits on Patrick.

Patrick thinks he is just doing that as a joke until someone else on staff tells him otherwise.

Insert Patrick acting like a major cocktease and having sex in the back or Pete's car while on break.

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I remember seeing this prompt on anonlovefest and I totally started writing it...and then I started working on bigbang and it got pushed to the 'finish this later' pile.

So just letting you know, I do plan on finishing it sometime in the nearish future now that bigbang is finally over.

(Anonymous) 2009-06-11 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
bookstore AU

Two people own an underground bookstore/coffee shop type place in Chicago. i'm thinking Ryan and William for the guys, could be just about anyone i suppose. Jon and Pete? Surprise me. One of them meet a new customer, someone who just moved to the area, they're great friends at first until one of them start having more than friendly feelings about the other. angst ensues. doesn't have to have a happy ending. more surprises lol.

pairing suggestions: Rydon, Joncer, Petrick, Rycer, Gabilliam, Rylex, Greta/VickyT

i shall be forever grateful