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Post #7.

untitled (bb!fall out boy rugrats au)

Wednesday is the new Monday, don't you know /o\

Regular post week, yaaay. I almost wish it was real life theme week again, since bandom has been so... interesting lately, lol. But it's not so whatever, we should all revel in the fact that now is the time to request any kind of thing you want >:D

You know the drill, anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off. I want fic, make it so~

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pre-existing relationship, amicable band split, and how much it doesn't affect their relationship.

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Figuring out how to 69 with a major height difference. Seriously.


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Frank/anyone else. Preferably Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Patrick, Joe... Okay, yeah, anyone. Here is your prompt. How Frank meets [insert person here].
Today, I was in a music shop looking for a new guitar when someone called out someone else's name and jumped on my back. I lost balance and fell forward and broke 3 guitars and damaged another 6. The guy said "Sorry, thought you were someone else" and ran out. I now have to pay £2500. FML.

fuck my life, g, Frank/Gerard + blink-and-you'll-miss Pete/Patrick

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"Pete!" Frank heard someone yell right behind him just as a hand smacked his back. Frank startles so hard and knocks down the guitar he was picking up into all the others, and when he spins to see who the person is, his foot knocks into another few.

A skinny dude with glasses and brown hair looks at him with wide, scared eyes and mouths "oh shit," before running the fuck out of there.

Frank almost goes to run after him, but a big, heavy hand weighs down on his shoulder and he has to go home with a big fucking ass bill.


Frank doesn't show his parents, he knows he'll have to eventually, because there is no fucking way he'll be able to pay this on his own. But. It's not going to be a very happy conversation.

Mostly, he's just angry. Angry that this isn't really, technically just his fault, it's that stupid lanky kid's fault, too! Frank is a victim. A victim of confused identity and he is so, so fucked right now.


The next day, he goes to the park. He figures; take a walk, clear his head, relax a little, stay as fucking far away from the music store as he possibly can.

His plan is going pretty well, actually. That is, until he sees the stupid, lanky kid laughing not too far off with some people.

And Frank, he tries to control his temper for the most part, tries. He is not always too good at this, though.

Frank can think nothing but ragekillrage as he storms up to the kid, grabs his arm and spins him around. "Fucking- you."

The kid's eyes widen like they did the last time Frank saw him, he looks like he's about to say something, but Frank would really just like to get a good, hard punch in first.

"Hey, hey, hold on a second." A guy standing next to him says, putting a hand on Frank's arm. "Mikey, is this about what happened at the music shop?"

"I'm sorry," the kid, Mikey, says immediately, "I just freaked, dude, all that stuff came crashing down--"

"That was not my fault," Frank grits out.

"I know," Mikey says, "I know, I'm sorry, I thought you were Pete." He points somewhere past Frank's head, and Frank glances back at a dude who lifts his head up a little from where it's resting on a guy's lap who’s wearing a trucker cap, he waves. Frank turns back to Mikey.

"See? Just a misunderstanding," the guy next to him says, his hand still on Frank's arm.

"Yeah, well the misunderstanding's a little pricey." Frank's anger hasn't died down, but he's more than a little confused at himself for not just shoving the guy away and punching Mikey in his fucking face.

"I know, but Mikey's trying to pay for bass lessons and he just doesn't... look, can we go somewhere to talk?"

For the first time, Frank looks at the guy's face. And that was a bad idea, because he’s immediately struck by just how fucking pretty the dude is. And he hates himself for thinking that right now. But, Jesus.

"... Talk?" He says embarrassingly softly.

The guy smiles, and Frank gets the ridiculous feeling that he couldn't look away if he wanted to. "Yeah, talk. I'm Gerard."

Gerard lets go of his arm and takes a step back to hold his hand out. Mikey frowns and glances between them before slowly sneaking away out of the corner of Frank's eye.

Frank shakes his hand, completely confused. "Okay?" He says smartly.

Gerard smiles again, and it's like a kick to Frank's stomach. "Yeah, we can go to that coffee place across the street." The wind blows some long strands of black hair in Gerard's face and he pushes it away, tugs at his scarf.

Frank's actually feeling a little light-headed, possibly from going from ragekillrage to this weird, new funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. He doesn't like it, because he has every right to be mad and want to punch things, people, right now. But instead he's feeling all his anger melt away every time Gerard so much as smiles. And he's only done that twice! ... And Frank's counting, apparently. Shit.

"So?" Gerard says, the corner of his mouth quirking up.

Frank glances back at Mikey and that Pete guy, and the one in the trucker cap, and they're all looking at them with "what the fuck" expressions on their faces. Which is awesome, because that is exactly what Frank's asking himself right now.

But he says, "Okay," again, and follows Gerard to the coffee shop across the street.


It isn't until the next date - which they both agreed on it being - that Frank remembers the bill, and that now he might have to pay extra for not paying it sooner.

Fuck his life.

Re: fuck my life, g, Frank/Gerard + blink-and-you'll-miss Pete/Patrick

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I did not blink. I did not miss. Thank you so much, anon! Frank/Gerard and mistaken identities! I am squeeing and flailing.

Re: fuck my life, g, Frank/Gerard + blink-and-you'll-miss Pete/Patrick

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No problem! I'm glad you liked it :D

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Patrick gets really loud durning sex so Pete uses something in the room or buys ball gag for Patrick.