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Post #15.

'Sup guys! This week's theme is decisions, run with it.

Anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off. There will be something very important coming up so keep an eye out for it.

Very late ETA: I've missed this week due to some personal things going on, and I'm going away for a week on Monday. I thought I could balance everything, but I've sort of obviously messed up /o\ I'm very sorry you guys. Another post will be up on Wednesday two weeks from now, and after that I want to present some new awesome changes that will be happening :)

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Pete's not sure how Patrick feels about tattoos, since Patrick doesn't have any, and seems to steer away (dating-wise) from tattooed people. So every time they make out, he makes excuses to stop before they go too far. Because he doesn't want Patrick to dump him for his tattoos. He doesn't know what to do.