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"Dude, you've have them for, like, three years," Pete retorted as he shuffled into the lounge. "That is definitely not new."

"They were limited edition Supras that Kanye fucking West gave me, Pete." Patrick narrowed his eyes and pointed at Pete. "More importantly, they were white and I've only worn them a few times."

Pete rolled his eyes and flopped next to Joe. "OCD bus," he concluded. "You guys are the humdrum-vee. We," he continue as he wrapped an arm around Joe's shoulders, "are the fun-vee."

Joe grinned at Pete and started to high-five him but his grin slipped away and his brows knitted. "Wait, does this mean we're going to abducted by rebels and forced to build a mechanized suit to escape? Because, dude, I really don't think we have the coordination for that."

Patrick snickered and Andy snorted in a slightly disdainful way, reburying his nose in the latest issue of Armor Wars.
Crack anon returns! Also, I love that Andy's comic book geekery lets me show off my comic book geekery a little.

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