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Post 17.

Damn, missed last week. Sorry, things were just crazy all over the place. /o\ fail!mod.

But anyway guys, this week I decided to change it up a bit with the theme. Instead of writing a fic for a specific prompt this week, we're playing in this thread. Rules of the game is someone starts by writing a snippet or sentence of fic, and then someone else comments and continues (and so on and so forth and whatnot and such things as that then and stuff).

Of course, it doesn't have to be a snippet, you can write as much as you want, short or long, whatever. But it's one "story" per thread, ok? Though anyone can join in and continue it.

(I figured people with writer's block deserved something that didn't require much effort... because I'm lazy and I wanted to :D)

Anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off, have fun!

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oh. oh! okay, im gonna try this... let me see...


"OCD bus," Patrick muttered. "You know, I'm not even OCD. Andy's OCD, I'm not the one that stabbed you with a fork because you tore out pages of his comics to make origami."

From across the room Andy narrowed his eyes at Joe, and for a second he could swear he felt his fork scar throbbing.

"I don't know," Joe said slowly, "you're picky about your shoes and hats."

"He stabbed you. In the hand."

"You knocked me out with my bass!" Pete yelled from inside his bunk.

"They were new shoes!"

"They were not!"

"Well... they were nice!"

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"Dude, you've have them for, like, three years," Pete retorted as he shuffled into the lounge. "That is definitely not new."

"They were limited edition Supras that Kanye fucking West gave me, Pete." Patrick narrowed his eyes and pointed at Pete. "More importantly, they were white and I've only worn them a few times."

Pete rolled his eyes and flopped next to Joe. "OCD bus," he concluded. "You guys are the humdrum-vee. We," he continue as he wrapped an arm around Joe's shoulders, "are the fun-vee."

Joe grinned at Pete and started to high-five him but his grin slipped away and his brows knitted. "Wait, does this mean we're going to abducted by rebels and forced to build a mechanized suit to escape? Because, dude, I really don't think we have the coordination for that."

Patrick snickered and Andy snorted in a slightly disdainful way, reburying his nose in the latest issue of Armor Wars.
Crack anon returns! Also, I love that Andy's comic book geekery lets me show off my comic book geekery a little.

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"What are you idiots talking about?" Mark greeted as he barged onto the bus, Tom following closely behind.

"Hey, what do you think makes someone OCD?" Patrick asked, stepping into the kitchen area.

Tom frowned. "Like, on a scale or something?"

Patrick shook his head. "No, like--"

"Because what's on the scale?" Tom cut him off. "Like, on a tidy level, or when a dude has to wash his balls exactly twenty-four times a day?"

"Why twenty-four?" Marks asked as he tried to squeeze between Joe and Pete, then just settled for sitting on Joe.

"Because it's an even number." Tom shrugged, shoving a frozen pizza at Patrick. "Heat this."

"Well, this is enlightening," Joe said, then, "Your ass is on my hand."

"Yeah," Mark said, uncaring, and leaned back on Joe's face.

"I should tweet about this," Pete remarked.

"Already did," Andy said, smirking.


i have no idea how blink got in this thing o.O oh and hey crack!anon!

{Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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Patrick didn't know anything was off right away. When he arrived at Pete's house, it was the usual bombsite with clothes, notebooks, dishes and other random objects scattered across every available surface. Patrick was about to complain about the mess when he stumbled upon Pete in the kitchen.

This occurrence was not a rare one -- Pete often spent his time huddled over the coffee maker as if it were a shrine -- but whet was not normal was the various ingredients and cooking supplies spread out before a very focused Pete. He was making something. Something was definitely wrong.

"Pete?" Patrick asked hesitantly as he stepped over a stack of hoodies and into the kitchen.

Pete grinned at Patrick as he tried to subtly slip something behind his back. "Oh, hi! I didn't see you there."

Patrick looked around at the counters just to be sure he wasn't imagining things. "What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, you know," Pete said casually, "just trying out a new recipe I found. You should have some when I'm finished."

If the idea of Pete cooking wasn't suspicious, the smirk he was fighting most certainly was.

Patrick narrowed his eyes. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing!" Pete attempted wide, innocent eyes, but he only looked startled.

Patrick nodded slowly and started to turn away, but then struck out suddenly, grabbing the object from behind Pete's back. It was a cookbook. Upon closer observation, a cookbook entitled Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes

"Pete, that's..."

"Awesome?" Pete supplied. "Sexy?"

"I was going to say repulsive."

Pete laughed.


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I love you too. :-D
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Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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I think I know who this anon is! :D You make my day.

Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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I'm pretty sure Josie knows which anon this is too. ^_^

Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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Don't you wave that Patrick icon at me, missy! *snuggles screen*

Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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Oh,yeah, and if you can't figure out who this anon is, think back on someone who cursed you recently. >.>

Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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Wahaha, sure you did! :-D

Re: {Curse you, Josie. This is what you make me do.}

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"You know you still want to try it though, don't you?" Pete tried waggling his eyebrows and failed miserably. Patrick just rolled his eyes and began picking his way out the kitchen again. "What? Patrick, no, don't go!"

"Pete, you jerked off and used the ejaculate to bake a cake." Patrick looked back at him, seriously wondering why he stuck around this guy. "Please, tell me what part of that is supposed to be sexy."

"The part where I thought of you the entire time," he grumbled, pouting with the fury of a hundred dissatisfied five-year-olds. "You're supposed to appreciate the thought. And it does actually taste pretty good."

Patrick stared at him in disbelief. "You know what, stop right there, okay? This is yet another time when I really don't want details. Ever."


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I have so many starts of fic in my notes, oh man. But yay! They're good for this post!

Pete wakes up all groggy and narrow-eyed. He blinks slowly at the stripe of (early, way early, like 5am early) morning light peeking through the curtain that's hitting him right in his face.


He pushes the covers away and sits in his bunk, sighing. He looks down and--


"Huh," Pete says, and reaches down to poke at his hard, invisible dick. "Huh."

Re: invisible!Pete

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"Hey, have you seen Pete?" Patrick asks Joe, and he has been asking basically everyone on the tour today.

Joe shrugs. "Nope, sorry dude."

"Huh," Patrick says, "It's just that no one's seen him all day." He frowns.

"Was there something you wanted him for?"

"No, I just. I don't know," Patrick says uncertainly. He'd actually just wanted to try doing some writing today, it's been a while since him and Pete had really gotten a chance to.

"Sorry man," Joe says apologetically. "I guess if he fucked off earlier then he could be back on our bus? You could go check, if you want."

"Yeah," Patrick says, nodding, "yeah, I'll do that, thanks."

Joe smiles. "No pro--"

"OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK, OH MY GOD WHO SET MY PANTS ON FIRE!?" They hear Dirty scream. Patrick is no longer alarmed by these kinds of things. Joe looks passed him with an amused look on his face, looking more awake than he has all day.

"Oh man, I gotta see this," Joe says and runs to where Dirty's still yelling and the others are all laughing.

"To the bus, then," Patrick says to himself, and starts making his way to Joe and Pete's bus.


Patrick doesn't turn around, but the corners of his lips are twitching up a bit.


"Pete?" Patrick calls, walking through the narrow bunk area. He heads straight to Pete's bunk and peaks his head in. "Pete?"

Patrick feels a hand grabs his ass and he jumps, banging his head and swearing, "Fuck ow. Pete," because of course it's Pete. Patrick starts turning around. "Fucking asshole, stop groping me, I am going to--"

Patrick stops and blinks. Because there's no Pete.

"...Pete?" Patrick says slowly, eyes darting around. He turns to another bunk, pulls the curtain back. Nothing.

Hands grope his ass again, he jumps, turns around swinging. "Fucki--"

Again, no one. Patrick's eyes widen. "What?"

Patrick hears but doesn't see Pete (definitely Pete) say, "'Sup stud?"

"Okay, seriously--"

Patrick suddenly feels a body press against him, a chest against his, hips, knees, hands clutching at his shoulders, lips sliding wetly against his jaw, a nose pressed into his cheek. He stops breathing, because he can feel all of this.

He just can't see it.

"I, shit what... Pete?" Patrick asks breathlessly, trying to understand, to comprehend what the fuck is going on right now.

He feels a mouth move over his, breathing hot and wet against his lips - and it's blowing his mind that he just can't see it - and then whisper, "So nice to see you, Rickster."

Patrick swallows, unconsciously peeking his tongue out to lick his lips, and then gasps when it flicks against someone else's - no, Pete's, definitely Pete's. The way he smells, his voice, yeah, it's definitely Pete.

"Well, Can't really say the same," Patrick says shakily. Pete laughs.

Re: invisible!Pete

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"How did this happen?" Patrick wonders aloud, streching out his hand to brush against Pete's unclothed chest. "Wait, why aren't you wearing a shirt?"

"No idea," Pete murmurs into Patrick's skin. "And all of my clothes are visible, so..." He let the sentence hang.

Patrick swallows. "Oh."

"We should totally have sex like this," Pete announceds.

That's just to weird for Patrick to even want to think about. "Pete, no. Just... no."

Patrick feels Pete frowning. "Why not?"

"Because what if someone walks in?"