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Post #20.

Saturday! Saturday, ok? The posting day is Saturday now. I hate me. Also it's not even Saturday right now. /o\ Still though, Saturday.

Aaand this is a regular post, bbs. Go nuts, or not, sane is fine, actually. Anon commenting is on (and preferred), IP logging off.

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Cross-post = double chance of success, correct?

AU where Pete is a dance insructor, and Patrick takes the class to boost his confidence. Cue Pete repeatedly "correcting" Patrick by touching him and pressing up against him and "demonstrating" by dirty dancing all over him... or something. Use your imagination!

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Okay, I'm gonna try this, anon, because *__*

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\o/ I love you~~~~!

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bb!Patrick/Pete get into a fight over something stupid and Pete cuts off sex.
Both of them become pouty and sexually frustrated and Patrick start to tease Pete by sucking on lolly pops/popsicles. Pete does his best to act like he isn't getting hot and bothered and eventually snaps and bends Patrick over something and fuck his brains out.

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Pete gets bb!Patrick as a Christmas present. :D

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doing! I will post it tomorrow >:)))

why, it's a christmas miracle! if you can plan miracles, pg, patrick in a box

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Pete comes running down the stairs, it's Christmas morning and he was so excited he stayed up all night thinking about today.

Joe and Andy greet him with wide smiles and say in perfect unison, "Good morning, Pete. Merry Christmas."

They step aside, revealing a big box, almost Pete's height. Pete grins and starts tearing at the wrapping paper. "Aww thanks guys, you shouldn't have."

And then the top of Patrick's head pops up. "Yaay, surprise, whatever," he says monotonously.

Pete frowns, Joe and Andy are about to do the 'you got a Patrick for Christmas' dance when Pete holds up his hand. "Stop, stop."

Andy heaves out a sigh and Joe bangs his head against the wall.

Patrick moves around in the box, kicking and jumping. "Seriously, we had to get the tall box, jeez."

"Patrick," Pete says, crossing his arms. "Okay seriously, Patrick, we're doing it again."

Joe and Andy groan, the box topples over and Patrick crawls out.

"Pete," he huffs. "We are not doing it again."

"Oh yes we are," Pete says. "You promised."

Patrick stands up and gives Pete a look. "Dude."

"It's in the contract!"

"We've done this seven times."

"Yeah dude," Joe pipes up. "Like, my mouth is starting to hurt from smiling so much."

"Contract," Pete says, gritting his teeth. "You all signed it, I got it right here."

"Pete." Patrick steps forward and grabs his shoulders, shaking him a bit. "Dude, we did it seven times, and, like, I know we forgot to get you a present last year and all, but doesn't this make us even now?"

"Yeah," Andy says, "we even got you double presents this year, man."

"WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US?" Joe yells dramatically, kneeling on the floor and pulling at his hair.

Patrick rolls his eyes, then turns on Pete. "Seriously, I'm not getting in that box again."

Pete pouts for a second before conceding. "Fine."

Patrick, Andy and Joe are just about to breathe a sigh of relief when -

"On one condition."

This time, Andy's the one that bangs his head against the wall.

Pete smirks at Patrick, continues, "On the condition that you hang mistletoe above our bed, and we have hot Christmas sex all day --"

"More like 15 minutes," Patrick interjects.

"-- All day. Wearing nothing but an elf hat and me wearing a Santa hat while I fuck you."

Patrick raises an eyebrow. "You are one sick puppy."

"Oh my god," Joe says, still on the floor, grabbing at Patrick's ankles. "Make the deal, Patrick, I don't wanna do the 'you got a Patrick' dance anymore."

Andy gives him wide, scared eyes. "Please? I want to see my family again."

Patrick tries to kick Joe away, rolls his eyes and says, "Fine. Jesus, okay, let go"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Joe says, finally rolling away. Andy is already out the door.

Pete is practically vibrating, Patrick shakes his head. "We'll never see them again, you know? You've scared our friends away forever."

Pete shrugs. "They'll be back... maybe."

"Or not."

"Probably not, yeah." Pete starts to grin, Patrick remembers the deal.

"You," he says, "you already hung the mistletoe, didn't you..."

Pete's grin widens, 'lot of teeth, Patrick squints. Pete says, "I've got the hats too. Get naked."

"Well," Patrick intones as he starts to take off his shirt, "at least I'm not in the box anymore."

A/N: hmm, I feel like porn should've happened, but porn didn't happen. if you like, I could write something with porn :D?

Re: why, it's a christmas miracle! if you can plan miracles, pg, patrick in a box

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I am not the OP but his was awesome. ^_^ I vote "Yes" on the porn. There's not enough in the Peterick department of late. :-(

Re: why, it's a christmas miracle! if you can plan miracles, pg, patrick in a box

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Not the OP either, but OMG WRITE THE PORN PLEASE!