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Apr. 15th, 2019 06:32 pm
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Finally, Game of Thrones is back. It's been a long wait. cut for spoilers )

We've been out and about the last week or so. One day we went to Durham. We went around the cathedral and had a bit of a mooch around the town. Then another day went to a nearby petting zoo where I got to feed many animals, and discovered that deer have very long and wet tongues. As shown behind here )

We took a very bumpy and cold tractor ride to look at the cows and I got to pet a donkey, though didn't get to hold a chick because of all the children getting the first pick. Which was only right, but still...

We've seen the new Hellboy, which was okay, but the people behind us obviously didn't think so as they walked out halfway through and today went to see Little which was a bog standard adult turning into a child film.

Tomorrow we're off for a day trip to Edinburgh. James has got his disabled person rail card so we're catching the 7:20 train and will come back early evening. I'm looking forward to it, despite living pretty close I haven't been to Edinburgh for a long time, though I can't say I'm looking forward to the early start.

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Apr. 10th, 2019 06:18 pm
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Fame was a lot of fun last night. Nothing spectacular but enough dancing and drama that I was happy. Though, no dancing on car tops happened, what's up with that? I did have to smile though as one of the teacher characters at the very beginning states 'you won't be dancing on car tops in the street' as part of their welcome spiel. So that was me told, too.

I suspect they'd given a lot of cut-price tickets to local dance schools as the place was overrun with groups of early teen/pre-teen girls. Not that they caused any issues, just a lot of seat changing was going on, and in the interval, the group sat behind us nipped to the pub next door where screening for The Voice was going on. Whether they auditioned or just wanted to see what was going on I don't know, but they did come back for the second half if a little late.

Today we've been to the limb centre so James could get both of his legs checked. He was well overdue for an appointment, especially as he's put on weight and artificial legs have weight limits. We were there for a long time as his spare leg didn't fit at all and the one he wears now needed an overhaul. For the first hour or so I hung out in the waiting room, which was fine, I had my Kindle Fire, the chairs were comfy, there was a shop where I could get a coffee and they had a tv that was on the BBC1 channel. Then I joined James in the fitting room for the last half an hour before he got his sort-of new leg -- it has a new ankle part and a new cover, then will get the all-new one next week.

Corey lives really close to the hospital so we dropped a letter off for him, then decided to go to a nearby park for a stroll. Only to discover there was an Easter event going on and the place was rammed with families. So we ate our lunch there and drove home, where James crashed out on the couch and as it was sunny, I got some work done in the garden.

I planted some pansies that have been waiting to be transplanted for a few days and finally got my seeds in. Five varieties of tomatoes, cucumber and courgette as of now. But I discovered I didn't have any flower seeds at all, which won't do. I also weeded a bit and hosed down the path and generally pottered in the sunshine, and at that moment all was well in the world.

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Apr. 9th, 2019 09:30 am
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Bandom people. [community profile] bandombigbang is happening. Check out the comm if it's something you're interested in. While I haven't managed to take part for a few years, the times I did where very positive and I highly recommend the challenge.

Also, [personal profile] sylvaine posted an amazing post of bandom artwork recs. I really enjoyed revisiting some old favourites and some new to me works. Plus, it contains work from one of my most favourite bandom big bang collaborations, so, Squashbee, wherever you are, I hope you're doing well and I still love your artwork loads.

I'm off to see Fame the Musical at the theatre tonight. If there are not many awesome high energy dance scenes I'll be disappointed. Bonus points if they happen on the top of cars or cafeteria tables.

I'm alternating between reading Mag7, Umbrella Academy and Winterhawk atm, and having a lot of fun doing so. Though with Mag7 I will forever say, why is Vin/Ezra not more popular? Why does fandom not write to my demands?!

Watching wise, it's still Queer Eye and Schitt's Creek.

Writing. Nothing. That has to change, asap.

James has developed a sushi addiction. We've been back to Yo Sushi using the Too Good to Go app three times now, and yesterday, we called into Company Store and they were selling off little trays of sushi, so now our fridge is full of the things. They also had the catering bags of cooked and peeled potatoes again. I was thrilled and just wish I had more freezer space for more than one bag.

It's interesting how YouTube spirals work. An hour ago I started to watch dance scenes from the Fame the tv show. Moved onto the best dance scenes in movies, from there into watching Magic Mike/Magic Mike XXL dances, the final mirror scene twice and from there have somehow landed on Linkin Park videos. Though man, Hybrid Theory is nearly 19 years old. How the hell did that happen? Though, old or not, it remains one of my favourite all time albums.

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Apr. 5th, 2019 09:04 am
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James' meeting at work went well on Wednesday, the doctor was lovely and pretty much summed the situation up as a perfect storm which led to the hospital tests etc. She's put him back on a phased return when his sick note runs out, which is good as while the new meds are starting to work, they're leaving him exhausted by the night. She also stressed in both the actual meeting and in the written report that all the issues are covered under the disability discrimination act, which is always a relief as that means he's covered in terms of excessive sickness.

That day Corey also had a check-up at the doctors so was home for a few hours. While here he was showing me an app he uses. It's called 'Too Good To Go' and is basically a thing where restaurants/cafes sell off their food cheap instead of throwing it away at the end of the day. Corey uses it to get cheap sushi from Yo Sushi and as James loves the stuff, but I don't, we never to that restaurant. I signed up and bought my first grab bag to pick up yesterday. The Sushi one works out nicely as it's directly outside of the Metrocenter cinema, plus, they sell off food in two batches, early afternoon and then night time. It's very much a lucky dip, as you get what's left, but James was very happy with his tray. Then, as it was a nice day we drove to the coast where a few delis had open slots around 4ish. So for less than £10, we came home with posh sandwiches, various loaves of bread, cakes and brownies, and my favourite, from the veggie deli, this amazing spicy soup and a massive salad that was all the leftovers from the salad bar.

We also finally saw Green Book at the silver cinema session, and despite it being very uncomfortable viewing at times, I enjoyed it. We were running really late for the show, you get free coffee at the silver cinema sessions so it didn't help I stopped for them, but come on, free coffee. It meant it was already pitch black with the movie just starting when we got in, and as we always sit in the middle of the row but people were at both ends, we grabbed different seats closer to the front and hoped no one else had booked them. They hadn't, but even so, note to self, get there on time.

Then when we got home James pretty much lay down on the couch and slept until bedtime.

Today I need to go buy cat litter then we're going to see Shazam at the cinema and hopefully a walk as it looks like it's going to be an okay day. Unlike two nights okay where not only did it snow but we had thunder snow. While it was a most excellent thunder and lightning show in the middle of the night I would have preferred not to be woken up like that.


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